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Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2018
Asia-Pacific confirmed its status as the current high net worth individual powerhouse, generating 41.4 percent of all new high net worth individual (HNWI) wealth globally in 201
by: Capgemini | Date published : November 2018 [Download]
Asia-Pacific Ready for Take-Off?
The report, the most accurate and complete of its kind, draws on quantitative and qualitative data collected from 66 key leaders from the intermediaries industry in Hong Kong and Singapore
by: Julius Baer | Date published : June 2018 [Download]
The Wealth Report 2018
Super-rich populations are rising, but Europe is slipping down the ranks of the world’s wealthiest regions
by: Knight Frank | Date published : March 2018 [Download]
Getting Active: The Next Evolution in Exchange Traded Funds
Active ETFs – a broad appeal
by: BetaShares Capital | Date published : October 2017 [Download]
Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2016
The Industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the Wealth Management industry.
by: Capgemini | Date published : October 2016 [Download]
Julius Baer Wealth Report: Asia
As always, we monitor how our Julius Baer Lifestyle Index basket of goods and services and its composition has changed over the past year.
by: Julius Baer | Date published : October 2015 [Download]
Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2015
The Industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the Wealth Management industry.
by: Capgemini & RBC Wealth Management | Date published : September 2015 [Download]
Emerging Best Practices of Chinese Globalizers: Develop the Innovation Models
In the past half century, China’s economic rise has brought about dramatic change in global development as the role of Chinese companies has expanded and evolved
by: World Economic Forum | Date published : April 2015 [Download]
2014 Global Hedge Fund Technology Benchmark Study
Our 2014 Global Hedge Fund Technology Benchmark Study is an impression of the investment management industry and the vendors, systems and solutions firms are using today to support their day-to-day operations
by: Eze Castle Integration | Date published : Novemer 2014 [Download]
The Asia-Pacific Wealth Report
With Japan and China leading the way, the Asia-Pacific region registered world-leading levels of High Net Worth Individual (HNWI)1 population and wealth growth in 2013, with no signs of slowing down, according to the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2014
by: Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management | Date published : October 2014 [Download]
2014 India Attractiveness Survey Report
According to the survey, India remains one of the top global destinations for FDI on account of its local labour cost, domestic market and availability of educated workforce.
by: Ernst & Young | Date published : June 2014 [Download]
Retail Banking 2020
Evolution or Revolution?
by: PwC | Date published : April 2014 [Download]
A Practical Framework for Asset Management in Asia-Pacific
Asset management in Asia-Pacific is shifting: rising segments like retail and newer defined-contribution schemes will account for a larger share of future revenues, while legacy institutional segments will become less prominent. This paper outlines how as
by: Casey, Quirk & Associates | Date published : May 2014 [Download]
RBC - China Property Market
RBC Wealth Management Global Insight
by: RBC | Date published : December 2013 [Download]
Why Business Process Outsourcing?
As a business leader, you face more challenges than ever from competitors, regulators, customers and shareholders. Your business needs to grow revenues, become more flexible in the face of competitive and market pressures and provide customers with excell
by: SS&C | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Caged Tiger: The Transformation of the Asian Financial System
ANZ report predicts Asian financial system to dominate international markets by 2030
by: ANZ | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Paradigm Shift
The Cloud’s Role in Asset Management
by: SS&C | Date published : March 2014 [Download]
Protecting Private Wealth from Europe to the Far East ...
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, death and taxes (according to Benjamin Franklin) remain certaines in an uncertain economic landscape.
by: RHT Law Taylor Wessing LLP | Date published : February 2014 [Download]
Julius Baer Releases Asia Insights 'Investment Opportunities' February 2014
Are China and South East Asia swapping places in terms of investment appeal?
by: Julius Baer | Date published : February 2014 [Download]
World Ultra Wealth Report 2013
The report gives you unparalleled insight into the world’s ultra wealthy population, defined as those with net assets of US$30 million and above: by region, country, wealth tiers, gender and between old and new money.
by: Wealth-X and UBS | Date published : September 2013 [Download]
Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2013
Navigating to tomorrow: serving clients and creating value
by: PwC | Date published : June 2013 [Download]
Rise of the Asian Champions
In this study, we look at how some of the large Asian companies have grown over the years, and in some cases became leaders in their respective industry.
by: Citi | Date published : April 2013 [Download]
Chinese Private Banking Report 2012
China is Asia’s most important high-net worth (HNW) market contributing to over 50% of the region’s growth by 2015.
by: China Minsheng Bank and McKinsey | Date published : October 2012 [Download]
Top 50 Global Private Banks, 2005-­2010
Total size of top 50 offshore client assets = $12.5 trillion
by: Tax Justice Network | Date published : July 2012 [Download]
Futurepriority Report 2012: Asia’s emerging wealthy by Scorpio Partnership
Groundbreaking insight from 2,800 HNWs across nine Asian markets has revealed that Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians and Thais are the most content when it comes to their life-wealth balance
by: Scorpio Partnership | Date published : 2012 [Download]
Portfolio & Relationship Management Software without the Technology Headaches
Can you have your cake and eat it?
by: Object Way | Date published : May 2013 [Download]
THE GLOBAL DIAMOND INDUSTRY, Lifting the Veil of Mystery
Diamonds are one of the world’s major resources—and historically one of the least understood. For many years observers and even many participants have considered the diamond industry to be complex and difficult to comprehend, even impenetrable. This repor
by: Bain & Co | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Trends in the Banking and Finance Sector
The financial crisis has had a profound effect on the wealth management industry. It is reshaping the way investors think about their managers, while inciting firms to reconfigure the types of services they offer in return, and the manner in which they ar
by: Advent Software | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Seven Reasons to Consider Emerging Market
Emerging markets offer more investment opportunities than developed economies in terms of economic growth potential.
by: Mirae Asset Global Investments | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Best of Breed
The focus for over a decade was on ‘best of breed’ analytical engines to satisfy specific requirements for asset classes, strategies and geographies. This has resulted in asset managers renting, owning or subscribing to various systems, services or calcul
by: DST Global Solutions | Date published : 2011 [Download]
The impact of the wealth continuum on analytical platforms
In DST Global Solutions’ latest White Paper, Graeme Condie, Sales Director - UK, Europe and Middle East, explores the challenges many wealth management firms are facing in view of increasingly sophisticated investors demanding ever more transparency of th
by: DST Global Solutions | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Client Reporting Teams: The Unsung Heroes of the Investment Management World
The paper demonstrates the importance of the work client reporting teams in meeting the exacting demands of clients, and showcasing the work of the business. Providing an analysis of the key elements of client reporting; experience, systems and value-adde
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
World Wealth Report
Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management are pleased to present the 2011 World Wealth Report. Our two firms have been working together for over 20 years to study key trends that affect high net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the globe.
by: Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management | Date published : 2011 [Download]
FATCA and its Impact on Wealth Management Systems
As the FATCA rollout draws near, Foreign Financial Institutions worldwide are under pressure to assess and overcome the challenges posed by the new US reporting and withholding regime.
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
Client Reporting - Data is King
3i Infotech has used its intimate knowledge of the investment management industry to develop Reporting to Clients, a standalone reporting solution that encompasses the entire investment reporting process.
by: 3i Infotech | Date published : 2011 [Download]
China Private Wealth Report
China’s private banking industry: Competition is getting fierce
by: Bain & Co | Date published : 2011 [Download]

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