Two industry funds merge

Brisbane-based QIEC Super comprises members working in non-government education, child and other care, and community services industries.


Asset allocation for more challenging markets ahead

It will be important to have the flexibility to lower portfolio beta as required, through opportunistic hedging in the currency and options markets when risk pricing in the market is not aligned with the true level of risk.


Global ETF AUM to top US$10 trillion by 2023

BMO’s ETF Global Outlook Report released the same day says the Asia Pacific ETF market now has $437 billion in AUM, compared with $3.3 trillion in the US and $762 billion in Europe.


Seize every opportunity

The region is uppermost in most strategists' picks, although escalating trade tension cast a pall.


Starcrest closes second China real estate fund at $276.5 mln

Starcrest Capital Partners has closed its second China real estate fund at $276.5 million. The limited partners of Starcrest China Real Estate Fund II include endowments, pensions, banks, asset managers and family offices located throughout North America,