Morrows merges with accountancy firm

“Additionally, both companies are looking to provide greater opportunities to employees, an enhanced client experience and to allow our respective communities to flourish together.”


From Regal to Longlead, it's all about spotting change

First stop is Regal Funds Management, then established players like K2 Asset Management and Watermark Funds Management, and then it's back home after a few days scattered with one-on-ones among the small handful of other local hedge funds.


Navicom International Investment expands into Singapore

NaviCom International Investment chairman Alistair Mitchell said: “As a major financial centre, Singapore is recognised for its quality governance controls over a well-developed capital market and financial system."


AMP to defend ASIC court proceedings

AMP has described the conduct in question as “historic” but ASIC’s statement alleges the behaviour occurred in 2013 with an investigation commenced in 2014.