Asia bonds shine through cloudy landscape

Dedicated Asia-Pacific bond funds show strong relative returns and an allocation to Asian credit may add value to diversified portfolios, according to fund managers.


More Australians retire with big mortgages

Wood explained that the trend towards more Australians retiring still owing a significant amount of money on their mortgages has worrying implications for superannuation and government policy.


FPA, AFA partner on life insurance

"The FPA and AFA collectively represent many, many thousands of financial planning professionals, who in turn serve millions of Australians who care about life insurance.


MAX awards recognise industry excellence

There was more to come for BTFG though, with its flagship wealth platform BT Panorama scoring Fintech Platform of the Year while the group took out the coveted Financial Literacy Campaign of the Year.


The New Wave of Alts Investors

Pension funds in developing markets are shifting money away from the fixed-income assets that have dominated their portfolios, a Mercer study finds.


Tribeca's Fenton to set up shop at Channel

Fenton is joined by Peter Moore, a quantitative analyst at Tribeca who resigned on April 8, only a couple of days after Fenton's resignation was made public.