Foundation to Target Fintech M&A Deals

In the third quarter of 2016 Asia was the only continent to see a fintech funding increase on a quarterly basis while in both North America and Europe fintech funding declined.


KOREA: Internet-only banks to open this month

The biggest advantage of Kakao Bank is its popular platform Kakao Talk _ more than 40 million out of the total 50 million Korean citizens use the instant messaging service here.


Bankers ready for EMV technology

Virtusio reiterated that banks have the mandate to “protect depositors’ money,” that the EMV technology migration is a manifestation of “(banks’) commitment to the public.” The migration process began in 2013 for most b


Payment services make global expansion push

From buying luxury bags to paying Uber bills, from convenience stores to theme parks, China's top wireless payment providers are tapping into the international market in the footsteps of globe-trotting and big-spending Chinese visitors.


Information Technology and the Global Village

With the technological changes and new developments occurring every day, internet users no longer have to face the problems online that they had to face lately due to technical glitches, which resulted in frustration.