Looking beyond the hype at fintech in Southeast Asia

Regulatory change, a deep customer mistrust, and a seriously out of tune with reality technology stack and physical infrastructure all contribute to the opportunity to build exciting new companies in Financial Services.


Fintech luring more bank customers, says UBS

Local UBS banking analyst Jonathan Mott along with analysts in London, New York and Tokyo contributed to the global report, titled Global banks: Is fintech a threat or an opportunity?


Korea and U.K. Activate Fintech Bridge

finews.asia reported on the U.K./Singapore fintech tie up in May this year which in theory enables firms and investors from each country to gain access to opportunities and innovations in the other.


Westpac Puts Robots On Trial In Digital Banking Platform

As consumers do more of their banking digitally, especially on smartphones, the bank's general manager of consumer digital, Travis Tyler, said it was looking at using "bots" to respond to customers with simple questions.


IRESS upgrades software for MLC users

IRESS has introduced changes to its financial planning software application, Xplan, to further improve speed and accuracy for advisers using MLC’s online application system.


Transforming private wealth management

What is important is that the industry is able to innovate the way it fundamentally operates - and that's still more about how we develop systems and processes to better understand people.