IRESS Tipped To Win 80% Of Wealth Management Market

The analyst is aware that IRESS is currently grappling with structural change in the investment management industry, including the loss of market share by active fund managers to passive and automated investment products.


Goodbye bank. Hello fintech returns

The number of “millionaires next door” is growing exponentially in Asia-Pacific and they are turning to technology as they seek better returns from their investable assets.


Nowhere but Up: The Continued Growth of Asian Payment Apps

Forecasts issued by Frost & Sullivan suggested that the market of mobile payments services in China will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.8 percent from 2017 to 2023, growing three-fold from US$29.93 trillion to US$96.73 trillion.


Indonesia’s KinerjaPay collects $200m funding

Rio Chandranegara, business development at Wahana Group, adds that while KinerjaPay is one of the “leading digital market players in Indonesia, it is also a US company which trades in the world’s most liquid market in the US”.


Number of Chinese Crypto Lawsuits Doubles in 2018

The website found that the scams were promoted across more than 3,000 different platforms and noted a significant increase in the number of pyramid schemes ostensibly associated with cryptocurrency over the last two years.


What’s New in FinTech

Related to that is a willingness and recognition that shared next-generation technology platforms can make a big difference within and across institutions to create network value.