Former NAB adviser charged

It is alleged that between March 2016 and December 2016 Eung netted $166,500 from accounts held with MLC and Nulis Nominees despite the account holders not authorising the withdrawals


China to Amend Securities Law This Year

Earlier this month, reports indicated that revisions to the Securities Law were expected to be adopted by year-end, amid a push to launch the new tech board in Shanghai this year.


Citigroup to refund over $3 million to clients

Citigroup’s practices included its advisers asking customers about their personal circumstances, such as their tolerance for risk, and providing financial education about benefits and risks to customers who had no previous experience of investing in


UAE and Korea renew 2013 swap agreement

A cross currency swap allows two countries to exchange payments in one currency for an equivalent amount in the other to facilitate trade transactions and offer liquidity support to financial markets.


ASIC doubles wealth investigations

The update on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's wealth management project, made during a Senate estimates hearing, also revealed that the regulator has beefed up its staffing of the investigations to 70 from 45.


How Panama Papers changed South Korea

The fact people who benefited from dictatorships abuse the global system to hide their wealth in secrecy jurisdictions made me aware of the prevalent injustice in our society, hidden from our views unless exposed by journalists.


China Rising in the Caribbean

The Chinese military is already in the Caribbean, in Cuba, apparently to collect signals intelligence from the U.S.