Bankers Pledge Better Behavior

The new code means we are making banking easier, by making changes to processes, providing customers with more info and introducing higher standards for how banks serve their customers.


BNM's Syariah governance

The rationale is simple — effective Syariah governance gives certainty, integrity and confidence to stakeholders in the Islamic finance system ranging from the Treasury to regulators, standard setters, market players, investors and customers.


'Unfair' wealth divide hurting middle NZ

Based on 2007 statistics, this shows approximately how wealth is shared between the wealthiest 1 per cent of Kiwis, the rest of the top 10 per cent, and then the rest


MUFG Seeks to Buy 73.8% Stake in Danamon From Temasek

"As one of the leading banks in Asia and Oceania, we have long recognized Indonesia's role as one of the key drivers of the region's development and have sought to establish a stronger presence in the country,"