Top Wilful Defaulter Zoom Developers Linked to BVI Trust

According to an investigative audit by the lenders, Zoom allegedly diverted loan funds to 350-odd subsidiaries, related parties based in India and abroad, and to purchase jewellery for the wife of its promoter Chaudhary.


Police on Peak watch after home of banker ransacked

A French banker who lives in the house at 22 Barker Road reported to police on Sunday that a safe box was missing when he returned to the four-story dwelling, which police said had been ransacked.


US Exposes Global Finance Firms' China 'Influence-Peddling'

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice began investigating the recruitment programs of major investment banks three years ago, to see whether they violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by hiring the friends and relatives


ASEAN Regulators Differ On Fintech Approach

Acknowledging that financial technology is challenging the status quo in the financial industry, Malaysia’s central bank Bank Negara Malaysia recently announced the commencement of a review on the regulatory framework for the adoption of Fintech, in


ASIC makes two permanent bans

Former chairman of Wickham Securities and founder of Sherwin Financial Planners Bradley Thomas Sherwin was also permanently banned from providing financial services.