Wealth firm brings fortune to China

Quam Private Wealth officially commenced its business on 13th December in Hong Kong, taking full advantage of the territory as an international financial hub while knitting together mainland's emerging opulent elites.


Wealth gap 'widely felt' in China

In a 2007 survey, only farmers felt that wealth distribution was fair, possibly because the government rescinded agricultural taxes and began to provide tuition waivers for rural students in 2006, Zheng said.


SWF interest in emergeing debt hits new high

Sovereign wealth funds are seeking to hold more local-currency emerging bonds as a strategic allocation while central banks want to raise their exposure to higher-rated emerging economies such as Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Peru and South Africa, Trigo Paz


UBS acquires equity stake in Chi-X Global

The group that UBS joins comprises BofA Merrill Lynch, GETCO LLC, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Quantlab Group LP. Instinet Incorporated, a Nomura Group company, remains the largest equity holder through a subsidiary company.


Wealth firm plans to expand in Asia by 2014

The expansion is a continuation of the 350-million pound investment programme - known as Project Gamma - announced by the British private bank in 2010 to grow its global AUM from 170 billion pounds to 290 billion pounds by 2014 through investments in infr


Majority sees income gap as serious problem: survey

The findings said 76 percent of people consider the wealth gap rather serious, while 14 percent said they cannot make ends meet, said Professor Wong Chack-kie, associate director of the institute.