4% of world's billionaires in India

Mr Slim retained his title as the world’s richest man for the third year in a row. In the second spot is Microsoft founder Gates with a $ 61 billion networth followed by American investment giant and philanthropist Buffet whose networth is $44 billi


HSBC and Standard Chartered face Asian salary bill hit

In Europe and elsewhere, salaries across the financial sector are also likely to rise in 2012 but at a much slower rate than in Asia and not for bank chief executives, a survey by human resources consultancy Mercer forecast.


Women bosses: Malaysia among top 10

Malaysia is still among the top 10 economies with women holding senior positions, despite a slight drop of 28 per cent from 30 per cent last year, according to the Grant Thornton's International Business Report (IBR).


The Challenges of Multi-Generational Wealth Management in Asia

The initial public offering also provided a window into the burgeoning wealth in the region and the dynamics — and concerns — that many wealthy Asian families face as they contemplate succession plans and the challenges of passing their wealth


Cultivating Wealth Management in Asia

As the Western economies continue to struggle to pull themselves out of the storm of post-crisis blues and the cyclone – the European sovereign debt situation – howling through the European Union, the weather in South East Asia looks rather ro