More $$$ to manage

Citing a private bank in Europe, Lim said it had 32,000 high net worth customers in Malaysia as of September 2011 and the number is forecast to grow to 68,000 by 2015.


Saverin helps boost Singapore's wealth‎

Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship and officially became a resident of Singapore. He made the decision to do so last September, and the news came out when an Internal Revenue Service list was published April 30, causing much consternation, as it was r


Private bankers on call 24/7 – invitation only

“The downside is the bankers assigned to such a service are typically young and eager to progress up the ranks, meaning if they are any good they move on rapidly, and building a personal relationship is difficult. But value for the service is good,&


Bank Hapoalim closing Singapore branch

The restructuring will be carried out by the representative office of Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland) and by its Hong Kong subsidiary, BHI Investment Advisors (Asia) Ltd., which specializes in investment advice, and by Poalim Asia Direct Ltd., which operates