ANZ culls wealth mmanagement team

"The changes in our Wealth business are in response to a challenging environment which has emerged in recent years," the spokesperson said.


Hong Kong on course as top expat destination

Having recently opened an office in Hong Kong, GWM has announced it plans to extend further across Asia with new operations based in Malaysia, Singapore and mainland China.


Singapore Cuts Options for Wealthy Seeking Permanent Stay

Singapore will end a program that allows wealthy individuals to gain permanent residence quicker by putting money in the island, after an influx of foreigners in recent years spurred property prices and fueled voter anger.


Top family offices move to address investment strategy in Asia

Capitalizing on the continuing secular shift of global economic power from West to East was the dominant topic at the recently-concluded Wigmore Association Summit, a semiannual global collaboration of the chief investment officers of six family offices r


Citi's Duttagupta on Asian Wealth, Investor

The number of Asians with at least $100 million in disposable assets overtook North America’s tally for the first time as the world’s “economic center of gravity” continued moving east, Citi said today in the report published in pa


What rich Asian women want for their money

Starting today, StarBizWeek features a column on personal finance called Money & You, which will focus on money matters as they relate to YOU. Our two writers will take turns every fortnight to shed light on personal finance matters.


RBC Wealth Management Wants You

The broker wars of 2012 are heating up as a foreign invader tries to crack the U.S., Asian, British and Latin American markets.


New silk route to Singapore

Every year, hundreds of Chinese private bankers gather in Hongqiao, a nondescript corner of smog-shrouded Shanghai, to learn the basics of wealth management.


Hong Kong private bankers seek less red tape

Hong Kong’s private banking industry is in talks with the government and regulators seeking the removal of some red tape and compliance requirements implemented after the financial crisis, to help it sell products to more of the region’s multi