Need To Further Complement IFPWM Sectors

There is a need to further complement the Islamic Financial Planning and Wealth Management (IFPWM) sectors for Malaysia to become a global hub for Islamic finance.


Australia's Rinehart now world's richest woman

Rinehart has ridden Australia's resources boom like no one else, her wealth ballooning by an unparalleled A$18.87 billion in the past year, according to BRW magazine's annual rich list.


Rising wealth in China fails to buy more happiness

Despite record economic growth over the past two decades – resulting in more than fourfold increase in income and spending – Chinese people overall have become less satisfied with life, according to the study published in the Proceedings of th


Few women make it to the top despite Asia's wealth

Yet few women in Asia make it to the top. Social norms undervalue girls and women, with sex-selection abortions resulting in some 1.3 million girls per year not being born in China and India alone.


Western Australia Goes Sovereign

That hardly seems like a world-beating target given the 20-year time frame, and would put the fund truly in the minnows pool compared with its peers.


Weak A$ Dollar To Attract Wealthy Asians -HSBC Exec

The Australian dollar this week fell below parity against the greenback for the first time in five months, prompting a slew of global investment houses to lower their outlook for the currency.


Bank Of Montreal Looks To Singapore For Wealth Operations

The number of centa-millionaires - those with at least $100 million to invest - is expected to increase by 67% over the next four years in Singapore, according to The Wealth Report 2012 by Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank.