Why family offices are heading offshore

They are the vehicles that provide anything, from staff and travel management services, to the supervision of trusts and investments outside of the general business operations.


Julius Baer playing China waiting game

The Swiss pure private bank is weighing up the best way to enter China but says it is in no rush, even though it sees now as the best opportunity for international firms.


Morgan Stanley, BNY Mellon on wealth buildout

The two banks outline how they plan to expand their wealth management businesses in Asia one from a well-established position, the other as a newcomer to the region in this segment.


'Brand Bahamas' Needed To Make Asian Inroads

The Bahamas will have “more than our combined” level of current financial services business if it captures just a small percentage of the China/Asian market, but needs to better establish its “brand” in the region.


Good wealth advisers are hard to find

“As a boutique organisation, we don’t have a brand that people are naturally attracted to, and we need to find people that really relate to a very bespoke culture and ethical standard. It’s very, very hard.”