BCG areas for action - part 3: Look good or be good?

In this aspect of wealth management, BCG concludes that the traditional approaches to segmentation, which are based mainly on wealth levels and cost-to-serve models, have passed their expiry date.


AIIB incompetency

The AIIB also failed to reveal whether it would appoint a replacement or wait for Hong to return, another moot point that may force it to revisit the issue of transparency.


‘I look at family offices as patient capital’

Soumya Rajan, MD & CEO, Waterfield Advisors, an India-focused boutique multi-family office, shares her views on how family offices are making a difference to the way UHNIs manage their wealth.


6 Financial Plays As Rural Asia Heads To The Bank

The easiest way to invest in this theme is to build exposure to rural-focused retail banks and insurers in ASEAN and India that can grow from opening of bank accounts and purchases of insurance products.


Top 10% of NZ own 60% of all wealth

She said it was possibly worse, but when records began in 2001 slightly different questions were asked of slightly different demographics.