Malaysia a preferred emerging market

The consequent result has been a huge selldown in emerging markets (EMs) and more than US$2 trillion (RM8.08 trillion) in market capitalisation wiped out since the beginning of the year, as foreign funds cut their exposure to risky assets.


Why Germany is China’s gateway to Europe

In February 2017, Chinese car company, Geely, hit headlines when it acquired a 9 percent stake in Daimler, the parent company of German automotive giant, Mercedes Benz.


UBS CIOs: why we downgraded EM equities

Speaking at a press briefing in Singapore, Haefaele said that with growing volatility, investors are also looking for a higher risk premium and hence taking money out of EMs.


Ogier acts in China's biggest IPO in years

Foxconn Industrial Internet, which makes electronic devices, cloud service equipment and industrial robots, is a subsidiary of the world’s largest contract manufacturer Foxconn.


Where the rich are moving to (and from) – and why

Research group New World Wealth tracks the wealth and the movements of high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) – people who have investable assets of more than US$1 million, excluding primary residence and collectibles – around the world.