Next move: Thailand as HQ and trading hub of Asean

THAILAND has offered tax incentives for regional operating headquarters and international procurement centres for more than 10 years, but there are fewer than 300 companies operating ROHs or IPCs.


Banks brace for $28 billion hit

The inquiry said that safety of the banking system was of paramount importance and he did not believe it should be left to taxpayers to bail out the financial system in the event of a financial shock.


Top 10 richest in Indonesia

The latest Forbes Indonesia Rich List reveals that Hartono brothers, Budi and Michael have topped the charts for the sixth year straight.


Small cap fund size not measure of success

Small cap managers should not be considered only on the size of their funds under management due to differing strategies in that sector of the market where stock values can be very poor.


ABN AMRO Sees Asian FX Weakness in 2015

Beware the Singapore dollar, Thai Baht and Indonesian rupiah! Why? According to ABN AMRO these three currencies are the most vulnerable to higher U.S. bond yields, an outcome that many economists expect as the Federal Reserve appears poised to raise inter


Corruption on rise in Turkey, China: Transparency Int'l

Corruption is feared to be worsening in China, Turkey and other fast-growing economies, an anti-graft watchdog warned Wednesday, also urging the world's banking centres to help combat sleaze and money-laundering.