Why are there more UHNWIs in Hong Kong?

The increasing scale of investment, and emerging investment opportunities, are leading to more so-called ultra high-net-worth individuals(UHNWIs) in Hong Kong, said a senior official of Hong Kong UBS.


Asian Real SnapShot! Autumn 2014

For each market, there is a macroeconomic perspective and an overview of the office market, the retail market and residential market.


Strong growth moves Asia’s billionaires to top of the tree

As the world’s wealthy continues to grow richer at double-digit rates – and nowhere faster than in StanChart’s Asian heartland – it would seem there should be more than enough business for all those wishing to serve that growing ma


Looking to a cashless future with EDC machines

Mery took out the shiny, new electronic data capture (EDC) machine from a drawer and placed it lightly on her dusty work desk in the back corner of the auto repair shop she owns.


India has 8,600 ultra HNIs

While the population of Ultra HNIs in India grew 10% in FY 2013-14 to 8585, their overall wealth increased 8% to US $ 1,013 dollar.