Australia Islamic finance blooms under the radar

The country in fact has a substantial number of Islamic finance service providers which offer a broad scope of Shariah-compliant finance products ranging from house financing, Islamic pensions, wealth management to halal superannuation funds and takaful.


Philippine Bank Supervisor Takes Aim at Male-Dominated Boards

The career central banker joins a growing global momentum to break down barriers to gender equality in senior corporate and government roles. In the Philippines, men hold 82 percent of the 265 board seats at the nation’s biggest lenders and some ban


Chinese banks sixth-largest global creditor group: BIS

This refers to a situation in which several countries borrow from just a few big international banks, raising the risk that losses in one country encourage the banks to withdraw from other borrower countries as well.


More female clients requires more female advisers

This sentiment is shared by the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors which is again calling on listed Australian companies to consider the gender diversity of their boards.