AMP 'rotten', says Wilson Asset Management's Geoff Wilson

Investors are struggling to value shares in the $11 billion company given the damage done to the brand and the likely hit to future earnings from the loss of trust in the scandal-plagued financial planning business.


Age Pension Drives Hike In Investment Properties

“The research also suggests that retiring householders aged 55+ are not re-structuring their financial assets or boosting levels of owner-occupied housing to make sure they are eligible for the Age Pension,”


Wealth redistribution?

To remind Malaysians, Malaysia's richest 50 persons have a total wealth of US$70 billion or more than RM280 billion while the total wealth of our B40 is only RM20 billion.


Philanthropy On the Rise in China

The debut philanthropy list, Hurun USA-China Philanthropy List 2018, ranked the most generous individuals from the U.S. and China, the world’s biggest economies, which are currently on the verge of a trade war.