Advisers looking overseas for growth

Based on a survey of 768 financial advisers, the report suggests that Australian investors' faith in Australian shares will decline over the next 12 months.


Year of the Asian regulator

China has agreed in principal to the terms of an intergovernmental agreement with US tax authorities to exchange information about one another’s tax payers on a reciprocal basis.


The Sukuk spark

These were one-off issuances, and issuers have not made firm declarations of establishing an ongoing programme


Interesting Insights Into Private Wealth Of Indians

The total global private financial wealth is valued approximately at $152 trillion or about Rs 91.2 crore crores. Yes, that is crore crores. Of this, 34% or $52 trillion is held by 13.7 million HNIs.


Mutual funds are getting richer

Yes, they are getting richer; particularly in the case of fixed-income funds whose performance has been far-fetched lately.