Bankers bolt from bulge bracket to boutiques in Asia

This year could see a record number of analysts and associates move from budge-bracket to boutique banks in Asia as junior investment bankers lose their traditional reluctance to leave large IBDs.


Allocations to real estate set to spiral

A new survey on expected trends in the non-listed real estate funds industry claims that investors’ allocation to global real estate will continue to grow in 2015


PwC launches 18th Global CEO Survey results in Davos, Switzerland

Fewer CEOs than last year think global economic growth will improve over the next 12 months, though confidence in their ability to achieve revenue growth in their own companies remains stable, say the more than 1,300 CEOs interviewed in PwC's 18th An


Asia’s richest to cling onto wealth for longer

Asia’s ultra-high-net-worth-individuals are expected to hang onto their wealth for longer, as succession planning becomes an increasingly pertinent issue among this investor demographic elsewhere in the world.


Governance lessons from Pope Francis

There is also the reality that even those Cardinals and bishops with good intentions do not have the earthly skills of managing money


Why China Has Become So Big In Africa

Across Africa, radio call-in programmes are buzzing with tales of Africans, usually men, bemoaning the loss of their spouses and partners to rich Chinese men.


Tycoon’s asset move causes needless worry

Rumors are running wild that Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shing is set to move his assets out of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, with some considering this as an indication of a vast devaluation to yuan denominated assets.