Asian institutions not using asset consultants

Cerulli's Asian Business Strategies: Making the Breakthrough report explains that where asset consultants are used by Asian institutions, it's typically at the manager-search stage.


Singapore to see world's fastest growth of super rich individuals

The trend reflects the rapid growth of Asia's wealth, with the region overtaking North America to see the second-fastest increase in UHNWIs in the world. Last year some 1,419 people moved past the US$30 million mark in Asia, Knight Frank said, behind


Malaysian capital market grew to RM2.76 trillion in 2014

The Malaysian capital market grew to RM2.76 trillion in 2014, equivalent to 2.6 times the size of the Malaysian economy, and remained resilient in an environment of global uncertainties, said the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) in conjunction with the


Singapore to challenge London in the eyes of the Super Rich

Whilst the UK's Capital will remain the single biggest centre for global Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) - those with $30m in assets or more - Singapore's rapid growth is set to challenge the city's dominance over the next decade.