China's Latest Reform Shouldn't Be Its Last

The new policy -- which would scrap a rule limiting bank lending to 75 percent of deposits -- seemed like the government's latest attempt to artificially sustain economic growth at 7 percent.


Chinese Financial Investors Further U.K. Expansion

An increasing number of key Chinese acquisitions are now being done with the help of special financial companies that venture as joint investors or initiators of deals in capital and private equity funds.


Philippines tops up on local debt

The Philippines government has a relatively high but declining foreign currency exposure which leaves it vulnerable to volatile overseas financial markets.


Myer family company backing start-ups through funds

MFCo chief executive Peter Hodgson, the man who oversees the Myer family’s multi-billion-dollar family office operation, is brutally honest when it comes to his credentials for picking the “disrupters’’ of the future in the world o