How would you cut advice costs?

A number of questions have been raised in the aftermath of the FSC summit prompting Money Management to survey its readers about their views on scaled advice and lower costs in the industry.


Picking over the Laggards by Gary Dugan

The natural reaction of most portfolio managers in the wake of such good news would be to look to buy markets that have serially underperformed over the past seven months.


Can Bank Indonesia protect its independence?

Against this backdrop, the confused situation in Indonesia arose from differences over financial sector reforms proposed by the government and those suggested by influential groups in parliament.


Advisers’ benefit goes beyond financial returns

Financial advisers deliver 5.2% or more each year to their clients, according to Russell Investments, but the firm has highlighted the value of advice goes beyond just financial returns.


New report confirms dire situation facing insurers

The full gravity of the problems facing the Australian life insurance industry has been laid bare in a new report from major consultancy KPMG portraying falling revenues and profits and only difficult solutions.


Is Luxury Realty Covid Proof In India?

The realisation over the significance of investing in real estate is apparent, as opposed to the risk and unreliability associated with stock market investments.