Bahrain Approves Bill to Avoid Double Taxation with China

The bill was approved during the cabinet's regular weekly session, in which the concerned committee presented in its report that the draft law does not conflict with the constitution nor the laws and decrees of Bahrain.


PwC advises govt to revise tax structure, regulations

The Revenue Department should revise tax laws to promote investment and seek means to preserve cash within Thailand, such as by lowering trade barriers or supporting businesses wishing to invest abroad


Tax and transfer pricing: Issues in Asia

Multinational banks, asset managers and insurers active across the Asia-Pacific region face particular challenges in demonstrating compliance and agreeing acceptable arrangements


Australia Defies Cayman Court Ruling

An Australian court has defied a Cayman judgment that tax information unlawfully handed over by the Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority should be returned and not used in Australian tax evasion proceedings.


Hong Kong Seeks Agreement With US over FATCA

The Securities and Futures Commission has confirmed Hong Kong is one of 80 countries globally currently in negotiations with the US over its controversial FATCA law.