INDIA - Taxmen train eyes on Bitcoin community

Digital or virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are generated through complex computer calculations and have gained widespread acceptance in India despite a natural scepticism to assets not backed by tangible entities such as land.


Cyprus may no longer be a tax haven for funds

New Delhi made clear its displeasure with Cyprus for not providing information on tax evaders under the agreement between the two countries for avoidance of double taxation of income and prevention of tax evasion in force since 1994.


India, San Marino sign bilateral tax treaty

The agreement is based on international standard of transparency and exchange of information and provides for exchange of information that is relevant to the administration and enforcement of the domestic tax laws.


Rich Japanese Investors Shift Stock Before Tax Increase

Shareholders have been selling stakes, offloading stock to brokerages and buying it back the next day, or moving shares to asset-management companies they control, said Masakazu Kito, head of wealth management at the securities unit of Japan’s third


Tax Court Orders Freeze on Pacquiao Bank Deposits

The Philippine Court of Tax Appeals has ordered a freeze on the bank deposits of boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for alleged failure to settle a tax evasion case totalling more than $55 million


Four tax havens join India in fight against stash funds

The Global Forum brings together 121 countries and jurisdictions for wide-ranging discussions on transparency and international tax co-operation, and is the largest such group worldwide. Its sixth meeting has brought together more than 200 delegates from