Bank levy: Macquarie Group wants exemption

“Offshore investors have voiced their concerns about the tax and what it says about relations between the Australian banks and the government,” Mr Lennon will say.


Hong Kong firms to increase investment in internal auditing

The survey also shows that over 80% of senior audit executives rated the role of their internal audit function as a key business advisor, demonstrating that internal audit practitioners regard their function as a value provider.


APAC: Are you ready for CRS?

Being at the forefront of international regulations is not easy, but if you are a compliance expert or CFO, the Common Reporting Standard or CRS should be at the top of your priorities list.


KPMG buys 3 Degrees Consulting, adds 15 consultants

Commenting on the deal, Stephen Walmsley who has served as an independent advisor to boards of a number of Australia’s leading listed companies, stated 3 Degrees’ purchase was a major opportunity for the firm, referencing this as a key growth


The problem with Asian fund passport schemes

The Asean passporting scheme between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand has had far fewer participants, with only six funds that have been approved for sale in total.


How Hong Kong can shed its reputation as a tax haven

Kalina Tsang says the government’s half-hearted attempt to enforce better information sharing with other jurisdictions to combat cross-border tax evasion does not go far enough, and it should be bolder