UBS refuses to share info on stud-farm owner

Swiss bank UBS has refused to share any information with Enforcement Directorate on matters related to alleged money laundering and tax evasion by Pune based stud-farm owner Hasan Ali


Hong Kong, US Wrapping Up FATCA Agreement

Hong Kong and the United States have substantially concluded discussions on an inter-governmental agreement to simplify Hong Kong financial institutions' compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.


Pakistan: Money abroad

Not all the money that sits in the Swiss accounts of Pakistanis has been raised illegally


New Zealand Tax agreement with Viet Nam now in force

Mr McClay said that double tax agreements helped encourage growth in economic ties between countries and promote cross-border trade by preventing businesses and individuals from being taxed twice on income earned in the other country.


SC axe on offshore money

On May 1, the Supreme Court ordered reconstitution of the Special Investigation Team for a comprehensive probe into the infamous black money petition.


Centre discloses 26 names of account holders in Liechtenstein bank

A three-year-old judgment followed by repeated coaxing by the Supreme Court made the Centre disclose all 26 Indian account holders in LGT Bank in Liechtenstein along with details of money in their accounts, which was supplied in 2008 by Germany to India.