CBA pays its tax, and wants whole-of-system reform

So the CBA chief executive is keen to emphasise the bank's "conservative settings" and the strength of its balance sheet in terms of the ability to cope with whatever challenges the market throws up.


KPMG acquires Markets IT

KPMG Australia has acquired Australian financial services technology consultancy, Markets IT.


India – A tax haven

An enterprising tax payer was confronted and cornered like a rat on all sides with various types of taxes.


Taxman steps up Swiss account investigations

Since Australia’s tax treaty with Switzerland was amended at the end of 2014, the ATO has intensified its investigation into holdings in Swiss banks and other financial institutions.


30 offshore tax evaders under probe

Some officials working for the country's top 30 conglomerates are reportedly expected to be investigated for tax evasion attempts; but the NTS didn't give the names of the conglomerates.