Filipino ADB employees tax-exempt, CA affirms

BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares told the Inquirer on Wednesday that the country’s biggest tax-collection agency will appeal the latest CA ruling before the Supreme Court.


RBI, banks seek higher tax sops under 80C

Bankers said the ceiling should be enhanced, especially at a time when real interest rates (net of inflation) had turned positive after several years.


A Tax Agreement is Signed Between Taiwan and Japan

The DTA provides that each signatory state will not tax the profits of enterprises from the other state unless such enterprise has set up regular or permanent presence in the taxing state.


Double taxation fears are real

This means many manufacturing and trading subsidiaries of Indian companies may have to pay taxes in India now; the onus will shift to promoters to prove that they are run truly independently.


Income taxes, wealth and poverty

The justification for the bill is that the current income brackets and corresponding tax rates are still based on the value of money in 1997