S. Korean Government Takes Aim at Google

At issue is whether or not multinational IT companies that do not have “fixed workplaces” in South Korea can be subject to a legitimate level of taxes.


Japan to tighten tax rules on wealthy people

Under the current rules, the government has obliged domestic residents to declare the types and amounts of their overseas assets if they total more than 50 million yen.


Tax chiefs in Asia to discuss digital tax

The Asia-Pacific tax authorities agreed to avoid double taxation and to exchange tax information meant to prevent offshore tax evasion, according to the National Tax Service.


Over 130,000 high net-worth individuals served tax notices

The incumbent government has been successful in broadening the tax base during the its first year in the office, as data showed that around 783,039 new taxpayers filed returns with the tax department as a result of various schemes, including a tax amnesty


South Korea strengthening taxation of YouTubers

The government is moving to strengthen taxation of high-income influencers and content creators on social networking services, including YouTubers, to prevent tax evasion, according to documents submitted to lawmakers on Monday.