Indonesia's tax office ready to go door-to-door

The tax office is encouraging taxpayers to file their SPTs online as it has suspended direct face-to-face services in compliance with the government's social distancing policy to help limit the spread of COVID-19.


Australian Tax Office cracks down on wealthy tax dodgers

ATO research shows a number of high wealth private groups are deliberately engaging in risky behaviour, including "seeking to engage in artificial and non-commercial arrangements that are intentionally designed to avoid paying tax".


ATO to focus attention on wealthy cheats

To ensure compliance at the top end, from July 1 the ATO will expand the work of the Tax Avoidance Taskforce and introduce a new program focusing on high wealth private groups.


CFO Sentiment | Edition 8

Rising uncertainty is challenging Australian CFOs and impacting their confidence about the financial prospects of their businesses going forward.


Foreign nationals and the taxman

Certain tax obligations pertain to foreign nationals on home payment arrangements, whether partially or in full, and to those who come to the Philippines as short-term business travelers.


KPMG records double digit growth in MESA

"A strong emphasis is placed on the pillars of trust and quality which we foresee as pivotal, and also in embedding technology into all core functions.”