Over 130,000 high net-worth individuals served tax notices

The incumbent government has been successful in broadening the tax base during the its first year in the office, as data showed that around 783,039 new taxpayers filed returns with the tax department as a result of various schemes, including a tax amnesty


South Korea strengthening taxation of YouTubers

The government is moving to strengthen taxation of high-income influencers and content creators on social networking services, including YouTubers, to prevent tax evasion, according to documents submitted to lawmakers on Monday.


I-T department to adopt ''taxpayer friendly'' approach

The department will use friendly language in its communications with taxpayers rather than intimidating, according to a source, amid allegations of intrusive, threatening and arbitrary behaviour by the department.


ATO warns of SMSF concentration risk

Many of the SMSFs in the ATO's sights have limited recourse borrowing arrangements in place, with most of the almost 18,000 SMSFs holding most of their assets in property.


Rex Patrick wants Cayman links disclosed

The ATO has advised that it is unable to use client data to identify the numbers of Australian companies to the level of specificity or accuracy required to answer these questions


Hong Kong Hedge Funds Caught in Tax Haven Clampdown

Hong Kong hedge funds are particularly affected because they use Cayman investment managers, while offshore management companies have been less popular among European managers in recent years, according to Bloomberg.


Indian firms tapped Mauritius to save on taxes

The African island nation is the main provider of foreign direct investment (FDI) to India and also the preferred jurisdiction for Indian outward investments into Africa.