Global tax guide to doing business in...

This edition of our annual insight piece is aimed at providing a high-level overview of the tax consequences that face businesses planning to expand international operations.


No change of mind for ERS

"The individual is often not aware of this error until they receive the application approval correspondence or the actual payment."


ERS can be drawn from multiple funds: ATO

"An individual cannot apply for a determination to release super under the coronavirus early access arrangements where the super amount is held by the ATO," the organisation said.


Indonesia's tax office ready to go door-to-door

The tax office is encouraging taxpayers to file their SPTs online as it has suspended direct face-to-face services in compliance with the government's social distancing policy to help limit the spread of COVID-19.


Australian Tax Office cracks down on wealthy tax dodgers

ATO research shows a number of high wealth private groups are deliberately engaging in risky behaviour, including "seeking to engage in artificial and non-commercial arrangements that are intentionally designed to avoid paying tax".


ATO to focus attention on wealthy cheats

To ensure compliance at the top end, from July 1 the ATO will expand the work of the Tax Avoidance Taskforce and introduce a new program focusing on high wealth private groups.