Vietnam seals deal in tax agreement

Tran Lam Tung, Vietnamese Embassy trade attache in Phnom Penh, said the double taxation treaty encouraged international trade and investment along with the free flow of technology.


Financial secrecy Philippine style

Granted, most of the money was simply being hidden from current or ex wives, boyfriends, business partners and taxing authorities, in a few cases the funds were exceedingly dirty.


Hong Kong gives fintech measures the thumbs up

This is a means by which employers can offset long service and severance payments to employees by deducting the amounts from contributions made to the latter’s pension accounts.


CTU calls for sunlight on multinational corporate tax

"This bill is a good start, but we think we need to go further - in particular in addressing tax avoidance from the likes of Google and others without a taxable presence in New Zealand," Mr Huggard said today.


KPMG sells $2bn super admin business

KPMG will sell the business to OneVue, which said that the acuqisition will double its scale, funds under administration and super member administration revenues.